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Why It’s Important for Startups to Hire a Lawyer

startup-lawyerOk, so you’re starting a business. Or you’re thinking about it. Or maybe you already have.

Have you made the decision to hire a lawyer? Because you should.

Legal representation is not something that only big, already-established businesses should have; it is essential for startups to hire a lawyer as well. An attorney is important regardless of a business’ size because substantial legal issues arise during all phases of the business lifespan, from the initial formation and incorporation, to raising capital and hiring employees, and to the ultimate exit in an acquisition or IPO.

Let’s face it, there are things a lawyer can handle that businesspeople cannot. Business lawyers can navigate complex situations such as determining how your business should be incorporated, settling disputes, hiring employees, protecting intellectual property, and a host of others.

Of course, new business owners are often reluctant to hire a lawyer because of the costs attached to it — or the perceived costs, at least. The fact is, many legal services are more affordable than most people believe. If you put the time in finding the right person or firm to represent your business, you can get quality representation at a fair price. In the long term, it is worth the cost to hire a lawyer for your startup because of the potential time, money and stress that can be avoided by covering your legal tracks from the start.

One of the important things to consider is how to find the right attorney for your startup. A lawyer who specializes in family law and divorces, although technically qualified, would probably not be the best fit for your bakery busines, for instance. Yes, you need to hire a lawyer, but you also need the right one. There are major implications to hiring the wrong lawyer because each type of business has its own legal obstacles to hurdle, and you need a lawyer that knows your industry inside and out. There are nuances to each type of business, and choosing a business lawyer who is the right fit can be extremely difficult, time-consuming and costly.

So how do you hire a lawyer that is right for your business?

It is, of course, possible to go door-to-door — or law office to law office — until you find the proper representation that meets your business needs and is at a price that you can afford. But unfortunately that often takes serious time and energy that you could be spending on growing your fledgling business.

At LawKick our mission is to create transparency and efficiency in the process of hiring a lawyer for your business.  Our unique system allows you to do the initial legal consultation online and gives lawyers in your area the chance to compete to represent your business. Our model results in you, the business owner, being able to evaluate multiple options for your legal services related to a number of important factors such as price, experience, connections and more. It is the most effective way to hire a lawyer for your startup or established business, and it provides you the best chance of hiring a lawyer who is best-suited for your unique business needs.

That way, with your legal issues taken care of, you can get down to business.

Visit us at LawKick.com to learn more about how we can help your business grow by helping you find a lawyer that’s right for you.

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