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What to Do if You Are Injured in a Car Accident

car-accidentLife can get stressful if you are injured in a car accident, as you deal with insurance companies, police reports, lawsuits, medical bills, and more. It can be difficult to keep everything organized, especially if you are constantly in pain from your injuries. The following info is meant to help you understand what to do if you are injured in a car accident, so that you will be able to handle the situation smoothly, pay all your medical expenses, and get back to life as normal as soon as possible.

Take Pictures Of the Scene of the Accident and Your Injuries

You will need as much evidence as possible if you end up in a lawsuit, so after you get into a car accident, try to take pictures of anything you can. Any pictures of the damage to cars or other objects, the overall scene of the accident, and of your injuries will be helpful down the road. The events of what happened may come into dispute later on, so you will want to have some proof for your side of the story.

Contact Your Insurance Company After You Get Into A Car Accident

You pay for insurance coverage (or at least you should), so use it. Get in contact with the insurance company right away. They have the legal responsibility to help you and pay for any damages and other expenses. Take notes of everything that happens when you contact your insurer. They will be important if the case ends up in court.

Take Notes of Everything After Your Car Accident

As stated above, evidence about the car accident and your injuries is helpful for your case. Take notes on everything. Specifically keep track of the following:

  • Names, contact info, and details of conversations with everyone you speak to from an insurance company
  • Injuries, medical diagnoses, and any other information about your pain
  • Treatments you receive from doctors or healthcare providers
  • Medications you have taken
  • Missed days from work or wages you did not receive because you could not work
  • Changes in your everyday routine because you were injured in a car accident

Seek Medical Treatment Soon After You are Injured in a Car Accident

You do not want the insurance companies involved in your case to believe you have not actually been hurt. Therefore, you need to get medical treatment right away. Your health is the most important thing you should be concerned about, anyway, so don’t try to tough it out. If you are feeling even the slightest bit of discomfort, go see a doctor or a specialist to deal with your injury or pain. If you delay the process, it can be a hindrance to your case, and to your recovery. Lawyers for the insurance company will use any delays between the time of the car accident and the time when you seek medical treatment as evidence that you were not really injured and therefore not entitled to receive monetary compensation.

Find a Personal Injury Lawyer to Help You

After you contact your insurer, contact a lawyer that has experience dealing with car accidents right away. The lawyer will need to handle any notices to the other parties and insurance companies involved with the accident. Time is of the essence when you are looking for financial recovery. Here is a good resource to help you find the right personal injury lawyer.

Consultations with car accident lawyers will always be free, and you will not be charged any money upfront. Car accident cases are done on a contingency basis. Basically, that means your lawyer will be paid though the court award or settlement in the end. Usually, they will earn 25-40% of whatever money is recovered in the case. If you do not win, your lawyer will not charge you anything.

Have Everyone Involved In The Car Accident Talk To Your Lawyer

From this point on, refer everyone involved in your car accident to your attorney. Do not attempt to negotiate or settle anything by yourself. Let a lawyer handle all of this. If not done properly, you could end up settling your claim for less than it’s worth, and you may even owe money to subrogation companies, healthcare providers, insurers, and the government. Your lawyer will deal with reimbursements and any possible government issues. This can be a very technical process, so it’s best to let your lawyer handle it all.

Do Not Sign Anything Until You Have Reviewed It With Your Lawyer

The insurance companies may try to send you various documents. Do not sign anything until you have reviewed it with your lawyer. Some of these documents might be payments or offers to settle. If you sign and take some of these payments, you can give up certain rights in the future, so do not attempt to handle anything yourself. Talk it all out with a lawyer and put together a strategy. Premature settlements might be tempting if you are missing work and you have financial problems, but think everything out with your lawyer first. If done right, you can recover significantly more money and get payments to cover medical expenses, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and property damage.


The events after a car accident can be very stressful and difficult. But if you don’t know what to do if you are injured in a car accident, you could make a mistake that ends up costing you financially, or in terms of your ability to recover quickly from your injuries. The best thing to do is to keep notes of everything that happens, and let a personal injury lawyer handle the dirty work. Don’t risk forfeiting a large portion of your potential financial recovery by trying to handle everything yourself.