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Giving Manicures is a Better Career than Giving Legal Advice

manicureAccording to the annual US News and World Report on the Top Jobs in America, being a lawyer is no longer the “dream job” that it once seemed to be. In fact, a career in law is now not even considered among the top 50 most desirable jobs in America. A legal career ranks especially low on job satisfaction scores, with the potential for upward mobility being limited and stress levels being high. But what’s worse? Some of the jobs ranked ahead of lawyer on this list are down right embarrassing for all the current law students and young lawyers out there.

Jobs Ranked Higher than “Lawyer” on the List of Best Careers

Being a lawyer is considered to be the 51st best career in America. Here are a few notable jobs (mostly because of the lack of education required to secure these positions) ranked higher than practicing law on the list of top 100 careers in America.

  • Nail Technician - ranked #49
  • Maintenance Worker (i.e. handyman) – ranked #34
  • Esthetician (i.e. skin care specialist) – ranked #29
  • Massage Therapist – ranked #27

Yes, apparently giving people manicures is a better career option than giving people legal advice. And giving massages too.

Click here to read the full list of job rankings. Here is another summary of the dismal nature of a legal career, originally published on Above the Law.

A Changing Legal Industry

This report is a pretty grim outlook for prospective entrants into the legal industry today. In our opinion, the problem stems from the legal industry’s guild mentality and resistance to innovation and change, as well as the changing market for legal services as driven by consumers. The demand for lawyers in today’s market is diminishing, so lawyers need to take it upon themselves to rethink how they conduct business, or they will face their own extinction.

The world is now increasingly powered by technology, but the legal industry remains behind the times. It’s time to make a change, and lawyers have got to embrace technology in order for the career of being a lawyer to become desirable once again.