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New Features! Now Import Your Avvo Reviews on LawKick

avvo-reviews-on-lawkickAs you’ve probably realized by now, LawKick is all about creating greater accessibility to legal services and adding transparency and efficiency to the stagnant, outdated legal marketplace. As part of our continued efforts to improve our service, we are excited to announce a couple new features on the LawKick platform!  These changes will make it easier than ever for our clients and lawyers to connect online and transact business!

Import Your Avvo Reviews on LawKick

Product and service reviews are becoming more and more important to consumers in every industry these days. In fact, an estimated 89% of all clients look online for fellow client reviews before deciding whether or not to hire a particular lawyer.

Because reviews are such an important part of the hiring process, we have added the ability to import your Avvo reviews into your LawKick profile! Having reviews on your profile will go a long way toward reassuring prospective clients of your qualifications and experience, so take a moment to update your LawKick profile and import your Avvo reviews today.

How to Import Your Avvo Reviews on LawKick

Step 1: Access your LawKick profile

Step 2: Click the Edit button and locate the field near the top that asks for your Avvo User ID

Step 3: Locate your Avvo User ID from the URL of your Avvo profile as shown below, enter it in the box, and click Save


Facilitating Communications with Prospective Clients

After listening to feedback from both lawyers and clients, we have decided to focus more heavily on facilitating the initial communication process. The accompanying changes to the site make it even easier for prospective clients to get in touch with you after you submit a price quote.

The client, when responding to your price quote, will have two options for getting in touch: “Send a message” or “Request a phone call.”  Keep an eye out because you will begin to see these notifications in your email with subject headings as either “Client Sent You a Message” or “Client Requested a Phone Call.” Make sure to reply to these inquiries as soon as possible for the highest likelihood of getting hired!

Our goal is to get you in touch with prospective clients in our system as quickly and effortlessly as possible in order to help you close the deal. All the feedback and data we’ve collected so far indicate that this change will significantly increase the likelihood of a client responding to your price quote.

As always, you can feel free to contact us with any comments, questions, or further suggestions. Best of luck making the most out of these awesome new features on LawKick!