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How Much Does a Trademark Cost?

trademark-costA trademark is a valuable means of protecting your intellectual property.  To answer the question how much does a trademark cost, you have to consider the different options available for registering one. The three main ways of filing a trademark are doing it yourself, using a filing service, and hiring a lawyer.

Each option for getting a trademark comes with differences in terms of price, the amount of work required by you, and the amount of knowledge you will need. Below is a detailed explanation of the three options to help you determine how much a trademark costs.

File Your Own Trademark

You can file a trademark yourself at the USPTO website. Filing your own trademark is a good way to save money because there will be no additional fees, other than what you have to pay the USPTO to register the mark. However, it will usually require much more time and effort to file your own trademark.

Also, filing your own trademark can be riskier. Your trademark could be invalid if it is improperly filed and/or if you don’t do an adequate trademark search before filing. If your trademark application is unsuccessful, your fees will not be refunded and you will have to start over and pay the fees again.

It is important to have a full understanding of what a trademark is and how to register one before you begin the process. You should spend time learning about the different classes of trademarks and do a thorough trademark search to make sure your mark does not potentially infringe on an existing one.

Although the cost to file a trademark will be less when you do it yourself, it will likely require significantly more time and research to set everything up properly. For many people, it is worth the added cost of using an alternative method for filing a trademark in order to reduce the amount of effort and risks involved.

So how much does it cost to file a trademark by yourself? The USPTO trademark fees cost a few hundred dollars, depending on what classes you file under and how well the application process goes.

Use a Trademark Filing Service

There are a number of services out there that will file a trademark for you and charge a fee. Some of these services are done entirely online, but they make the process a bit easier than doing it on your own. Others may have customer support staff or law clerks to help you along the way.

Using a trademark filing service can be a good middle ground between the do-it-yourself approach and hiring a lawyer. It will be more expensive than filing your own trademark, but it can save you time by reducing the amount of research and work you will have to do.

However, be careful when using an online trademark filing service. Because these services are not law firms, they cannot give you any legal advice throughout the process, which means some of them are really nothing more than an easier-to-use interface compared to the USPTO website. You should always make sure you, or the service you use, conducts a thorough trademark search to make sure your mark is valid and not too similar to anything already in existence.

So how much does a trademark cost when you use a filling service? The filing service will likely charge you a couple hundred dollars, plus the fees you would otherwise have to pay to the USPTO. So all in all, you are likely to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $500-600. Sometimes it can be worth the extra money for the time that you save in the process.

Hire a Trademark Lawyer

The third option is to hire a trademark lawyer to file the application for you. While it is generally the most expensive option of the three, it is the least risky and you will have the best chance of success in securing trademark protection.

Working with a lawyer requires very little time or research on your part. You are basically paying the lawyer to do the hard work for you. Also, a trademark lawyer will already be very familiar with the process which helps cut down the amount of work involved.

Working with a lawyer usually means there is less that can potentially go wrong and you there won’t be as much risk of having your trademark application rejected. A lawyer provides the added benefit of being able to advise you and answer any questions you might have during the process as well.

How much does a trademark cost when you work with a lawyer? Probably somewhere around $750-1000 in total. The lawyer fees to file a trademark will be a bit more expensive than using a filing service, and as always you will still have to pay the USPTO fees. But, working with a lawyer gives you the best possible chances of success.


Filing a trademark is a great way to protect valuable intellectual property like your company name, logo, slogan, product names, and more. It’s important that you do everything properly, or you risk having your trademark application rejected. Here is more info on how to protect intellectual property.

There are three main options to consider when you file a trademark. Which one you choose will determine how much the trademark costs. The three options are:

  1. File it yourself
  2. Use a filing service
  3. Hire a lawyer

If you are strictly looking to get a cheap trademark and not as worried about the time and effort required, you should consider doing it yourself. If you can’t afford a lawyer, but would like to save some time along the way, using a trademark filing service can be a good option. If you want peace of mind and the best chance of success in getting a trademark, hiring a lawyer is probably the way to go.

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