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DUI Lawyer – Why to Hire One

Alcoholic Drink and Car Keys Under Spot Light.So, you got a DUI…now what? Chances are, you’re facing some serious criminal charges, possible jail time, multiple court dates, expensive fines, etc.  And on top of that, you are probably looking at some hefty DUI lawyer fees.  It’s tough times.

Aside from the fact that driving under the influence is illegal, life threatening, and a terrible idea in the first place, getting caught makes it that much worse. Even if it’s your first DUI, or you were barely over the legal limit, it’s still smart to hire a good DUI lawyer.

Why, you ask? First let’s consider some of the potential consequences of getting a DUI and having criminal charges on your record:

  • Driver’s license revocation or suspension
  • Potential loss of employment or acceptance to a University
  • Community service hours
  • Jail time (especially if it’s not your first offense)
  • Embarrassment amongst your family and friends
  • Drug and alcohol classes
  • Court fees and other fines
  • Problems with future employment
  • Huge increases in car insurance rates

The good news is a DUI lawyer can help you out in some major ways. A DUI lawyer can negotiate with prosecutors and judges to get your charges reduced before you even go to trial. This will hopefully eliminate any jail time, reduce the amount of community service you have to do, lower your fines, and help remove the charges from your record sooner.

A DUI lawyer may even be able to wipe the charges off your record entirely if your case goes to trial. Sometimes problems occur with the field sobriety test or the administration of the Breathalyzer test that create uncertainty regarding your level of intoxication and your blood alcohol content. The more uncertainty that your DUI lawyer is able to create, the more likely a judge or jury would be to find you not guilty.  And if you are found not guilty, you will be off the hook completely.  This probably isn’t something you would be able to accomplish on your own without a DUI lawyer’s help.

Clearly hiring a DUI lawyer is a good idea, but you are probably thinking to yourself, “how much does a DUI lawyer cost?” Legal fees for a DUI are certainly not cheap, but they often pay for themselves by reducing the charges assessed against you and diminishing the consequences addressed previously.

If your DUI lawyer is able to reduce your sentence, you will likely face lower fines, your future employment will not be jeopardized as much, and the increases in your car insurance rates will not be as drastic or they won’t last as long.  When you take into account all of these factors, you can see that spending a few thousand dollars now to hire a DUI lawyer might actually save you money in the long run.  Not to mention that it can bring you some much needed peace of mind.

So, if you are asking yourself “do I need a DUI lawyer?” the answer is yes, even if it’s your first DUI or you were barely above the legal limit. Don’t take the risk of having serious criminal charges assessed that can hang over your head and affect you negatively for the rest of your life. Hire a DUI lawyer now, and you will get through this difficult situation as quickly and painlessly as possible.