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Why The Legal Industry Needs to Embrace Technology

dinosaur-legal-industryThe legal system is inherently behind the times. Its entire foundation is built on reactions to happenings in the outside world. When a “wrong” is committed, the legal system reacts by establishing a new rule to punish future wrongdoers for …

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When to Incorporate Your Startup

your-logo-hereDeciding when to incorporate your startup is not always an easy call to make. Incorporating your startup requires the investment of time and energy, but most of all money, for which reason many startup founders often delay the process of …

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Can I Start My Company Without a Lawyer?

head-on-computerSo you want to start your company. You’ve spent large sums of money on top of months or possibly years of your time preparing for this step, and you’re all set. You’ve covered everything. You know all about Murphy’s Law …

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Why It’s Important for Startups to Hire a Lawyer

startup-lawyerOk, so you’re starting a business. Or you’re thinking about it. Or maybe you already have.

Have you made the decision to hire a lawyer? Because you should.

Legal representation is not something that only big, already-established businesses should have; …

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