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5 Outrageous Reasons for Getting Divorced

reasons-for-getting-divorcedEverybody has a breaking point; however, some spouses have a very strange idea of what crosses the boundaries. These 5 examples have been taken from real life divorce settlements and highlight some of the world’s most outrageous reasons for getting divorced.

5 Outrageous Reasons for Getting Divorced

1. “She’s Too Ugly”

A man from Northern China named Jian Feng, not only divorced his wife for being too ugly, but sued her for $120,000. His wife had undertaken numerous plastic surgery procedures in the past, and it wasn’t until she gave birth to their child that he put two and two together. Feng stated, “Our daughter was incredibly ugly,” and even went on to say that she literally “horrified” him. Feng managed to win the lawsuit by claiming he married her under false pretences.

2. Loud Snoring

We all cherish sleep; and when a woman named Wang married her husband, his disruptive snoring was simply too much to bear. Wang filed for divorce in October 2012, and according to China.org.cn, she never even suggested seeking medical treatment for his condition. Her poor husband Gong, ended up having to fork out 5,000 yuan in settlement fees, which is the equivalent to $806.45.

3. Fifty Shades of Grey

The book Fifty Shades of Grey was responsible for reigniting many sex lives; however, to the small minority, it had the very opposite effect. A woman recently filed for divorce citing the best-selling novel as her reason, stating that she was tired of her husband ignoring her advances. Though it’s important to remember that it’s a work of fiction, many women have been taking it to heart and blaming their increased libido as the primary cause of their breakup.

4. Size Matters

We’ve all heard the phrase, “size doesn’t matter.” This certainly didn’t apply to a 52 year old woman from Taiwan, who claimed her husband’s small penis was the primary reason behind their divorce. To make matters worse, not only did he measure a mere 5cm, but he also suffered from impotence. The woman only found out about his condition on her wedding night and throughout their marriage the couple never managed to have sex, despite trying over and over again. After her husband refused to seek medical help, she decided enough was enough and that it was time to find her sexual fulfillment elsewhere.

5. Mama’s Boy

When an Italian woman named by the courts as Marianna C. arrived at the airport for her honeymoon, she was shocked to find out that her husband had brought his mother along for the trip. Marianna tried to politely object, but the three of them eventually boarded the plane together and spent the following week on a “romantic” trip to Paris. Marianna was so turned off by their close ties that she filed for a divorce just three weeks later saying that it was impossible to develop a healthy relationship when she was always around.

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